Parking Info

The address for the parking garage is 55 W. Central Blvd, however, the address on the front of the building will say 53 W. Central Blvd. This is the correct garage to park in. See image below of the garage.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 08.43.52

NOTE: On Saturday there will be a Veterans Day Parade closing Orange Ave. Please use Garland Ave. or Hughey Ave. as alternate routes.

We are happy to offer our students, faculty, patrons, and volunteers free parking for their enchanted cars and broomsticks for the entire weekend!

Only the Central Parking Garage located at 55 W. Central Blvd. is covered with our magical parking pass. If you park in any of the surface lots or other garages we are not responsible for your parking fees.

In order to take advantage of your free parking perk, enter the garage as normal any time after 7AM on Friday and Saturday and 8AM on Sunday. Make sure you take and keep the ticket given to you at the kiosk, you will need it to get your voucher and to exit the garage. Once you have your ticket, bring it with you to the registration desk and show it to one of our volunteer House Elves as you pick up your badge and bag. You will receive a parking voucher that you must show with your ticket as you exit the garage. We will not be responsible for lost tickets or vouchers and only one voucher per ticket will be given per day.

If you plan on leaving the garage before the end of the day, the voucher is a one-time use only, so you will need to pay to exit again if you come back and re-park in any garage. Parking is good all evening each day, so feel free to hang around after the day is over to enjoy dinner or a show in downtown Orlando!