Beginning Plugin Development

In this Workshop you will learn how plugins work, how they interact with WordPress, and how to create them following WordPress best practices. This is planned to be a hands on workshop so expect to be writing some code. We will be ending the day with guided plugin creation so everyone should walk out having created their very own plugin (or two).

Although HTML and CSS experience will help here, we will mostly be working with PHP. So you should be comfortable with at least editing PHP when working with WordPress.


  • Before attending, you’ll need a basic understanding of WordPress, as well as a basic working knowledge of PHP. You do not need to have advanced PHP or JavaScript knowledge to get useful information out of this workshop.
  • You will also need to run a local web server from your laptop with WordPress installed and running. We will not be able to devote session time to getting these setup, as each person could have a different setup to manage. You can contact us before the workshop if you need additional assistance. If you cannot get a basic web server setup before the workshop, it may not be for you.