Getting Started with WordPress

If you’ve heard about WordPress but didn’t know where to start, or tried to get started and became overwhelmed, now you have an opportunity to get started with WordPress.

From the start of the day to the end, our magicians will guide you through the process of getting around the dashboard to adding text, images and extra functionality on an actual site that we set up for you and you can continue to use after WordCamp. We will have lots of volunteers on hand to help should you need a little extra attention.

Bring your laptop and magic wand. We will have a WordPress site setup for each of you ready to go.

This full-day workshop will be hands-on learning experience divided into a morning and afternoon session. We will present a topic, and you will have an opportunity to practice it. Each group of campers will have an assigned wizard’s assistant to help you along the way.


  1. Learn your way around a WordPress site
  2. Get familiar with the terminology
  3. Learn how sites are organized
  4. Know how to add and edit content
  5. Provide hands-on relatable experience for your site.

Come with a laptop and bring images and content – or you can conjure some up for the practice site.