Every successful magical WordCamp needs a staff of skilled volunteer house elves to make sure everything runs smoothly. Volunteer house elves enjoy several perks during the event, and an invitation to a special volunteer orientation party prior to classes starting. If these benefits sound intriguing, click below to sign up now, or keep reading on to see the different options we have for your temporary employment.

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A friendly face, shaking hands and guiding people as they enter. Guiding to registration table, telling them about the “Happiness Bar”, showing them where the bathrooms and presentation rooms are located. If they are a speaker or sponsor, directing them to the proper location.

Greeters will be needed mainly at the start of the day and then once things get going, a few will be stationed throughout the venue (floating happiness helpers) to direct people who are looking for specific talks or rooms. It will be important that the greeters on Saturday are familliar with the downtown area so they can help direct people to lunch venues and the after party.


These volunteers will need to be quick with a pen and paper – they will locate the attendee’s name on the list and check them off, then request the appropriate T-shirt size from the swag Baggers.


These volunteers will be responsible for managing the swag bags and T-shirts, getting the appropriate size shirt and a bag to each checker as they sign in attendees.


While anyone can sit in the room and hang out, we will want dedicated WordPress professionals on hand to help other attendees with their design, development and content questions. Whatever your expertise is – we need you to make sure everyone’s happy!


All volunteers around for the start or end of the day will be asked to help with signs, materials, etc. We will also want a few people assigned as A/V experts to help the presenters in each room if they have any problems with the equipment. Will also want volunteers on hand for unloading/loading vehicles carrying supplies.


These volunteers will be responsible for making sure each room has a fresh bottle of water for the speakers, clearing trash between talks, and getting any supplies needed for the speaker to start his or her presentation.


These special volunteers should have a personal knowledge of the speaker, or at least a prepared statement about the speaker. If possible, they should be able to also stay in the room to keep time. Time keeping duties could also be passed to the Room Runner if one is assigned to each room.

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Pre-WordCamp Volunteer Opportunities & Orientation

One enchanted evening we will be calling upon our committed volunteer house elves to join us as we assemble the student supplies for the coming courses. The swag bag stuffing party will be a night of volunteer celebration with food, beverages, treats, and time to cover any questions you may have about your employment. The date and time for this event will fall in early November, likely a weekday evening or weekend morning/afternoon. It will be held at the WordCamp Orlando venue, The Church Street Exchange building. Once you have signed on as a volunteer house elf, you will receive your invitation to this event by owl post.

The WordCamp Orlando Headmasters are advocates for proper house elf treatment and truly value the time and effort our volunteers put in to our programming. Therefore, upon successful completion of your volunteer employment, you will be gifted your freedom with several tokens of appreciation (including clothing that may include, but is not limited to socks).


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